I heard about this Wellness Challenge from my friend on Facebook. I told my awesome Boyfriend, Virgil, about it and we both wanted to do a Wellness Challenge and invite friends and family to participate with us! I mean, the more people everywhere we can get to do this, the better right?!

Here is how it works:
This wellness challenge is a personal daily commitment to yourselves.

All points are done on an honor system.

With your goal being 10 points per day...and to stay positive.

Because the ultimate goal is to be healthier, mind, body and spirit!

On this website you will find multiple pages to help encourage and support you over the next 3 months!!!

To join email me a pic and a small paragraph telling why are are joining the challenge and I will email you payment info and get you added to the site. Lynzi at lynzidoodle26@yahoo.com

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