You get 1 point for each of the following 10 things you accomplish each day!

1. Drink 48 ounces of water a day

2. 45 minutes of exercise (doesn't have to be consecutive)

3. No soda or alcohol

4. No sweets (desserts, pastries, candy, or sugary snacks) Sugar-free alternatives are okay.

5. No fast food, or unhealthy snacks (chips)

6. Consume 2 servings of fruits and 2 servings of vegetables

7. No eating after 8p.m.

8. Read 15 minutes of spiritual or uplifting text

9. Write in your journal (Daily blogs count, too.) Express specific appreciation, love, or praise in your journal...a goal of two or three items is a good goal!

10. Personal goal- each week make a personal goal for everyday or make a goal for the entire week. ( Like reading more to the kids, organize a closet, get 8 hours of sleep, etc...)

ONE FREE POINT PER AREA, PER WEEK..for example: only one day with sweets a week, only one day without exercise, one late night snack per week........or one whole day free.

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