-Challenge lasts 3 months. May 31-September 5. To sign up email me and I will send you all the information.

-Everyone that wants to participate pays $10. 1st place wins 80% of the money, 2nd 15%, and 3rd 5% of the money. In the case of a tie, the percentage will be equally split.

-There is 10 possible points a day. You get 1 point for each wellness guideline you accomplish. Your weekly goal is 70 points.

-Free points: YOU ONLY GET ONE FREE POINT IN EACH CATEGORY, EACH WEEK For example: One day a week you could choose to skip exercising, but you would still get the point-if you only miss it once. This is the same for each category. Or, you might choose to just have one free day! However, these are not roll-over points! Un-used free points will be lost at the end of each week.

-Wellness week is Monday-Sunday

-Points earned each week must be reported via email every Sunday or Monday to:

-Every Tuesday I will post weekly points on the website.


*Birthdays are free or choose a free day if your birthday is not during this time.

*You are allowed 3 sick days (if you are truly sick) when you do not need to exercise or follow the water/veggie/fruit rule (if you can't eat)

*FREE pts. for Fathers Day, and the 4th of July. There is no official holiday in we will have a free day on August 1st...which is national Friendship day!

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